Gummed tape has always been a naturally good closure method. But it is as modern as today’s requirements. It’s unique bonding characteristics provide a seal that is stronger than any other tape closure method. It actually becomes part of the carton it seals. And because it is made from virtually the same material, it can be used wherever cardboard cases or cartons need sealing.

Gummed Tape Dispenser

The Gummed Tape Dispenser is a semi automatic table top unit that is used to wet the gummed paper and allow the gummed paper to be slit in predetermined lengths. This is done by setting length required and every time you pull feed lever it will dispense set length and slit. Operator then has to just pick up slit length of tape and seal box.

Advantages of the Gummed Tape Dispenser

  • Economical price – long service life
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Easy to remove water box
  • Quick-change cutter
  • Rational mode of operation
  • Capable of processing paper qualities from 40g/qm to fibre reinforced qualities
  • Simple & problem-free operation
  • Even moistening by means of Brush Moistening System

Technical Data

Adjustable Tape length
MIN –   100 mm
MAX  – 1000 mm

MAX External Roll Diameter

220 mm

MAX Roll Width

100 mm